Training recurrent neural networks to trade through Reinforcement Learning with Terabytes of real market data.


Generative Adversarial Network


Predicting future prices using Adversarial Networks that always train each other for constant adaptation to the market.

Technical Analysis


Becoming proficient in TA can take years. Our algorithms take away the hassle and automate the profits.

User Interface


An intuitive, easy to use and cross-platform interface for managing your money. Fast and easy payouts and simple risk management solutions.

Back End

Architecture & Infrastructure


Highly optimised codebase running on the latest hardware for peak performance, low-latency and actionable data insights.

Our Mission Statement

Operating on the bleeding edge of Artificial Intelligence research, WTFTrading is dedicated to growing your investment. Remove the worry about risk management and the hassle of learning technical analysis, and start putting profit in your pocket.